Who Wore it Best?!?!!?

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Even those naked babies don’t understand why daddy is wearing a little boys’ outfit!!

In another creepy edition of “Who Wore it Best,” a grown-ass man is dressed up like a little kid. They’re even posing the same!!

Artist Charles Joseph Natoire painted “Portrait of Louis Dauphin of France with a Plan of the Siege of Tournai” (left) in 1747, while William Hogarth painted “William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland” (right) in 1732.

So many guys just REFUSE to grow up these days.

Man up, boys! You can’t stay young forever!!!!

Who Wore it Best?!?!

Anna Rosina de Gas's "Michał Kazimierz Ogiński Grand Hetman of Lithuania" and on the right is Pietro Rotari's "Portrait of Carl Christian Joseph of Saxony."

It’s a fashion face-off and there may be NO survivors!!!!!

Both painted in 1755, we have Anna Rosina de Gas’sMichał Kazimierz Ogiński Grand Hetman of Lithuania” (left) and Pietro Rotari’sPortrait of Carl Christian Joseph of Saxony” (right).

We don’t know if it’s all that church wine we drank, but we’re seeing double!!!

The only thing Michal has over Carl is that silly little elf man in the background, who is looking quite seksi himself.


Who Wore it Best?!?!!?

imagejean marc nattier

These trained models even make animal fur look innocent! Amazeballs!!!

Artist Jean-Marc Nattier painted both of these models as Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting. 

Hunting hearts, probably! LOLz.

We love that Madame Bouret (bottom) is smiling with her eyes, but we can’t stop looking at Mary Adelaide’s (top) elegant hands.

Who do U think wore it best?!!?

Who Wore it Best?!?!

jean ranc who wore it best

WOW, this is embarrassing…

Artist Jean Ranc painted both Portrait de Charles III (left) and Portrait of Philip V of Spain (right) around the same time. 

We wonder if King Philip knows he has the same wardrobe as a little boy!! 

Sounds like someone needs to fire their stylist!!!!

Who Wore it Best?!!?!?

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Boys can be sooo unoriginal.

Check out these eerily similar paintings of Abbot Mangoldt Tiberius (left) and Abbot Vincentius Schwab (right).

At least throw on a splash of color, boys! You aren’t fooling anyone with those innocent white frocks!!

Who Wore it Best?!!?!?

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francisco and diego immaculate conception

Way to show up to two different naked baby parties looking the EXACT same!!!


These paintings are depictions of the Immaculate Conception by TWO different artists this year. Diego Díez Ferreras’s painting (left) and Francisco de Solís’s painting (right).

We find it HIGHlarious that they both depicted her in the same outfit and hairdo. We know our gurl Mary would be MORTIFIED to see herself in different paintings wearing the same thing. She’s a fashionista to the core and wouldn’t be caught DEAD wearing the same outfit twice!!

What do U think? Which version of Mary do U like best??? 

Who Wore it Best?!!?!?

who wore it best?

Omg, twinsies!!!!

Check out these FABOOSH men and their identical outfits: Jacob van Loo's Portrait of a Gentleman (left) vs. Michiel Sweerts's Self-portrait (right).

They are SO soulmates. It’s our duty to write them and let them know about each other! 

YAY, we just LOVE playing matchmaker!!!

Double Take: Who Wore it Best?

Pope Innocent X and Cardinal Camillo Astalli Who Wore It Best

Red seems to be all the rage these days!

Artist Diego Velázquez painted Cardinal Camillo Astalli (left) AND Pope Innocent X (right) recently. Both subjects showed up wearing matching outfits and hats!! 

So, what do U guys think?

Who wore it best?!?