What the What?! Wallpaper is the New Tapestry!!!!!


Oh. Em. Gee.

Bet you didn’t see THIS coming!

We’re not sure if you noticed, but wallpaper seems to be ALL the rage these days. It is now replacing the iconic fashion choice of tapestries.

Ugh, we just finished re-doing Theodore Hamilton’s dog house but I guess now we’ll have to update it with wallpaper. There are just SO many different types to choose from!

Will U be buying wallpaper this season??

France Claims Middle of America for King Louis XIV

King Louis XIV

Oui oui!!! We like!

With all the competition for land on the east coast, the Frenchies took the middle area from right under England’s nose. We can’t imagine the English are too upset though, because the middle is where a ton of Indians live. From what we’ve heard, most Indians AREN’T looking to make friends. 

Whatevs, this is good news for us! We find those little Frenchie hats très adorbs!!!!

Teddy Hamilton in a doggie beret would be too presh for words!!

WARNING: Cuteness Overload

creepy baby with hearts

ridiculous dog

We’re in lurve!!!!!

Ch-ch-check out this simply ADORBS painting (above) of a little kid and pooch, painted by Diego Rodriguez de are you even reading this long name still Silva y Velazquez.

Just look at that little puppy smile!!

We should breed Teddy Hamilton with this pooch…


Bridge Charges Toll for Animals!!!

animals being charged a toll for crossing bridge

Despicable, awful and really, really shameful.

The general court is imposing a toll on all animals crossing a bridge in Rowley, Massachusetts.

But animals don’t even make any money!!! How are they going to pay??? Just imagine if our baby, Theodore Hamilton, needed to get across that bridge!

Poor things.

Happy New Year, Bitches!!!!!

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happy moo year

Yay!!!!!! Last year SUCKED, we’re so happy it’s over!!!

Me and Theo snuggled up last night and drank ‘til the cows came home. Literally, Bessy Sue wandered out of her fence and we waited up all night for her!!!!!

Here’s wishing you a happy new year free of smallpox, power hungry women and witch spells.


Boston Can’t Celebrate Xmas… But WE Can!!!

theodore hamilton

We are sooooo glad we don’t live in Boston!!

The stoopid Puritans don’t consider Christmas a holy day, because to them, “all days are holy”. In fact, if you’re caught slacking off from work to join in the festivities, you’ll be fined FIVE shillings!! Ouch!

Well, Puritans, we’re going to sleep in, play a game of stoole-ball and get so drunk that we miss church!!! We bet you’re shaking in your knickers at that thought!

A BIG Merry Christmas from me and Theo!!!


Cuteness Overload!!!!!!!

Helena van der Schalcke

OMG OMG OMG! So cute we can’t even handle it!!!

Two-year-old Helena van der Schlacke is as cute as a button with her little dress, little purse and little flower. And just LOOK at those BIG eyes!!! Almost as sweet as a puppy's!

She’s like a little doll we just want to play with ALL day!

… so can we??!!? LOL!

It’s Theodore Hamilton’s Birthday!!!!!!!

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theodore hamilton

Oh. Em. Geeeee!!!!

It’s Theo's birthday so we are throwing him the BEST pAArty EVER and giving him the biggest dog bone in the world!! We don't care if we have to dig up graves to find it!

We love our baby boy sooooo much!

Soooo adorable!!!!!!

Cuteness Overload

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Call an ambulance because we just died from cuteness overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this ADORABLE portrait of a little boy and his puppy. That pup is almost as cute as our little pooch, Theodore

You’re welcome. LOL!

The Most Precious Preciousness

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theodore hamilton

Say hello to the newest member of our family, Theodore Hamilton!!!

We were just minding our own business when we saw this little angel on the street all alone! We were soooo in love that we knew we HAD to take him under our wing.

Welcome to the family, Theo!! Your new daddy loves you!!!!!