RIP: Sir Anthony van Dyck

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Sir Anthony Van Dyck Portrait RIP

Nooooo!! How could this be?? Life is so unfair.

Our beloved Sir Anthony van Dyck has passed away at his home in London after falling gravely ill. King Charles I has erected a monument in his memory.

The monument HIGHlights state:

"Anthony returned to England, and shortly afterwards he died in London, piously rendering his spirit to God as a good Catholic. He was buried in St. Paul’s, to the sadness of the king and court and the universal grief of lovers of painting. For all the riches he had acquired, Anthony van Dyck left little property, having spent everything on living magnificently, more like a prince than a painter.”

He lived like a queen and he died like a queen.

Our thoughts go out to Tony's friends and family during this extremely difficult time. He will be missed.

Portrait Hall of Fame!!

We caught you, Sir Anthony van Dyck!!! LOLz.

Check out another FABOOSH self-portrait by Tony as he gently caresses a beautiful sunflower.

Ugh, we would give ANYTHING to be that sunflower!! BTW, we are loving the volume on his hair!! How does he do it???!

Keep the portraits coming, bb!! We just ADORE you!!!

Portrait Hall of Fame!!

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He’s just grabbing his balls like it ain’t no thang!!

Check out this RIDICulous portrait of Joost de Hertoghe painted by our favorite queen artist Sir Anthony van Dyck.

He should have gotten his beauty sleep before his big portrait day, that boy is looking exhausted!! And what is he pointing to?? Maybe he’s yelling at his stylist for putting him in that hideous shiny bag??

Better luck next time, Joost. LOL! 

Separated At Birth

Left: Sir Anthony van Dyck's “Cornelius van der Geest”
Right: Diego Valazquez's “Portrait of a Man With a Goatee”

Portrait Hall of Fame!!

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Work it, gurl!!!!

Check out this amazeballs self-portrait of Sir Anthony van Dyck, a Flemish Baroque artist. 

Shiz, if he can make our family Christmas painting look THAT fierce, we call first dibs on his talent next year!!