Portrait Hall of SHAME!


OK, who let this little baby into the jester’s costume closet?!?!! If she didn’t dress herself, she must be the butt of a cruel, cruel joke because this outfit is outRAGEOUS.

The innocent victim above is depicted in an oil painting by German artist A. Fr. Ringen.

If anyone sees a pile of frumpy, Christmas-colored frocks crawling around, plz send it our way. We want to help the poor thing with a faboosh baby makeover!

Who Wore it Best?!?!!?

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Even those naked babies don’t understand why daddy is wearing a little boys’ outfit!!

In another creepy edition of “Who Wore it Best,” a grown-ass man is dressed up like a little kid. They’re even posing the same!!

Artist Charles Joseph Natoire painted “Portrait of Louis Dauphin of France with a Plan of the Siege of Tournai” (left) in 1747, while William Hogarth painted “William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland” (right) in 1732.

So many guys just REFUSE to grow up these days.

Man up, boys! You can’t stay young forever!!!!

Portrait Hall of SHAME

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Is it a woman??? A man???? Two DIFFERENT people?!?!

We’re convinced homeboy just knows how to work his makeup brush!!!

Both portratis above were done in the same year by two different artists. Adolf Moritz Sachsen-Zeits (right) is a Czech Bishop and A.M. Izmailova (left) is some Russian lady who is friends with an Empress.

OMG, what if these twinsies hooked up and had babies that looked just like them?????

That would be soo hilarious unfortunate!!!!

Who Wore it Best?!?!!?

imagejean marc nattier

These trained models even make animal fur look innocent! Amazeballs!!!

Artist Jean-Marc Nattier painted both of these models as Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting. 

Hunting hearts, probably! LOLz.

We love that Madame Bouret (bottom) is smiling with her eyes, but we can’t stop looking at Mary Adelaide’s (top) elegant hands.

Who do U think wore it best?!!?

Portrait Hall of Shame!!!!!!

Ewwwwwwww, naked girls!!!! 

François Boucher, a pervert Frenchman fond of the Rococo style, has painted, “Diana leaving her Bath” (above).

People seem to really like this painting, but we don’t get it! Why is Diana bathing in the woods like a homeless person??? And why is that other girl watching????

YUCK!!! We just vomited in our mouths!!!

CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored and NSFW portrait!!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored and NSFW portrait!!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored and NSFW portrait!!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored and NSFW portrait!!!!

Separated at Birth

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separate at birth 1707 perez hamilton

Either God made a boo-boo not making these QTs brothers or they are seriously destined for a bromance!

The hawt French painter, Hyacinthe Rigaud, painted portraits for both Charles Honoré d’Albert de Luynes (left) and Jean-Paul Bignon (right) during the same year. 

That Hyacinthe has some magical fingers. We wonder what else his hands could do…


Who Wore it Best?!!?!?

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Boys can be sooo unoriginal.

Check out these eerily similar paintings of Abbot Mangoldt Tiberius (left) and Abbot Vincentius Schwab (right).

At least throw on a splash of color, boys! You aren’t fooling anyone with those innocent white frocks!!

Portrait Hall of Fame!!

jesus can i get a what what

Jesus always makes the best of every situation!!

German born painter Ricardo do Pilar painted Jesus (above) in what he titled, “Man of Sorrows.” 

We don’t know who Ricardo is trying to fool - Jesus looks like he’s having an amazeballs time to us!!!

What do U think? Is Jesus crying or just pAArtying it up???

Completely Gratuitous

sexy long haired man

sexy long haired man

sexy long haired man

sexy long haired man

sexy long haired man

Our leaders may be cranky about men with long hair, but we sure aren’t!! 

We put together a few seXXXy men who in the last couple years have styled their shoulder length hair with pride. Check out the gallery (above!)

Which babe is UR favorite??

Portrait Hall of…… WTF?!

hair family from munich

hair family from munich

hair family from munich

We hear these people actually existed, but we hope that’s not true!!!

These paintings were made of a hairy family from Munich. While the artist has not been verified, they were probably painted around the 1580s.

Germany, we don’t know what you’re putting in your water — but this much hair is just not okay!! Gurlfriend will never find a husband!

Well, unless he’s a dog. LOL!