Major George Washington Gets Sassy with the French

george washington

We just LOVE a man in uniform!!!

Major Hottie George Washington was ordered to deliver a letter to the French telling them to GTFO of Ohio because Britain already claimed it. And guess what?? The Frenchies are saying NO!

Now Major Hottie Washington is on a mission to befriend local Indians to gain their human shields support in case the Brits and Frenchies cat fight over Ohio.

Oh, and did we mention he is SINGLE??? But back off, ladies, he’s ours!!!! 

Mrs. Perez Washington… we LOVE it!


Britain Passes the Currency Act to Eff Americans!!

bloody bastards

O no they din’t!!!!!!!!!!!

The motherland, Great Grandma Britain, has screwed us all again.

Parliament passed the Currency Act to restrict the British colonies from circulating paper money, which they had started distributing as an “IOU” to pay for military expenses during the French and Indian Wars. Since more paper money has been issued than what has been taxed, the value of the money depreciated compared to the British pound.

So, the paper money is now only good for paying taxes, but NOT for buying personal things.

Guess we can finally make that papier-mâché mask of Bach’s face that we always wanted…