Benjamin Franklin Says, “Join, or Die”!!!!

join or die

When did BJ Franky Franks become such a psychopath?????????

In what is being called the first 'death threat via newspaper' ‘political cartoon’ in America, BJ Franky Franks has published this freaky ass snake in the Pennsylvania Gazette. It is his way of urging the very fragmented British colonies to unite in order to kick French butt over control for America.

Note that Delaware and Georgia are NOT included in this cartoon. 

Threatening the American people AND dissing two colonies??? Tsk tsk. Didn’t mama teach you ANYTHING?

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!!!!

Colony of Georgia Established Because of Prisoners

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james oglethorpe

Sounds funny but it’s the truth!

Founder of Georgia, QT James Oglethorpe, chaired a parliamentary committee in England on prison reform. James believed that when prisoners were released they were left poor or resorted to illegal activity because they could not find work. This was a direct result of urbanization, which had destroyed ample work opportunity in the countryside.

To remedy this, James and his committee petitioned to form Georgia in America, where everyone will get equal land and no one can gain more by purchasing it or through inheritance.

The more, the merrier! Welcome to America, Georgia!!!