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The 1770s are heating up and so is the fashion!!! Everyone’s jumping on the “blues and bows” bandwagon. 

Personally, we think that if a baby AND her grandma can get away with this look, then us single & ready to mingle peeps should skip this wallet-draining trend. 

What do U think? Is this trend hawt or naught???

Who Wore it Best?!?!

Anna Rosina de Gas's "Michał Kazimierz Ogiński Grand Hetman of Lithuania" and on the right is Pietro Rotari's "Portrait of Carl Christian Joseph of Saxony."

It’s a fashion face-off and there may be NO survivors!!!!!

Both painted in 1755, we have Anna Rosina de Gas’sMichał Kazimierz Ogiński Grand Hetman of Lithuania” (left) and Pietro Rotari’sPortrait of Carl Christian Joseph of Saxony” (right).

We don’t know if it’s all that church wine we drank, but we’re seeing double!!!

The only thing Michal has over Carl is that silly little elf man in the background, who is looking quite seksi himself.


First College Fraternity, “Flat Hat Club,” Formed

flat hat society

Why would anyone ever WANT to wear a flat hat?????

Can you say F-U-G-L-Y-!

The very unfashionable men at the College of William and Mary have started some creepy society where they get together, do secret handshakes and talk about undisclosed things. People say the meaning of their frat name derives from the flat hats they wear when they graduate.

HmMmMmM… grown men sneaking around together, drinking beer and being shady…

Um, where does the actual education come into play again?????

Who Wore it Best?!?!!?

imagejean marc nattier

These trained models even make animal fur look innocent! Amazeballs!!!

Artist Jean-Marc Nattier painted both of these models as Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting. 

Hunting hearts, probably! LOLz.

We love that Madame Bouret (bottom) is smiling with her eyes, but we can’t stop looking at Mary Adelaide’s (top) elegant hands.

Who do U think wore it best?!!?

What the What?! Wallpaper is the New Tapestry!!!!!


Oh. Em. Gee.

Bet you didn’t see THIS coming!

We’re not sure if you noticed, but wallpaper seems to be ALL the rage these days. It is now replacing the iconic fashion choice of tapestries.

Ugh, we just finished re-doing Theodore Hamilton’s dog house but I guess now we’ll have to update it with wallpaper. There are just SO many different types to choose from!

Will U be buying wallpaper this season??

Sir Edmund Andros Named Governor of New England

edmund andros

Where’d this guy come from?!?!

The new King of England, James II, decided it was a good idea to lump all the colonies together to create the “Dominion of New England.” The dominion will be governed by Edmund along with a council made up of representatives from each of the colonies the dominion absorbed. 

We don’t know how to feel about his governing skills yet, but we have to admit his outfit is just KILLER! Armor and lace?? Who knew pairing something so manly with something so delicate could be such a hit.

Props, bb!

Ahhh!! The Dutch Are Trying to Take Back NY!!!!!

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anglo-dutch wars

Holy cow!

A Dutch battle fleet of 23 ships JUST arrived in New York City harbor, trying to take back the land they claim is rightfully theirs. Just a few years ago, the Brits forced the Dutch to surrender New York and it looks like the Dutch are back with a vengeance. 

Geez, we hope they surrender without a fight. If there’s anything worse than war, it’s getting blood on perfectly good clothes.

We will be thinking of their hats, coats and shoes in the dark days to come.

Who Wore it Best?!!?!?

who wore it best?

Omg, twinsies!!!!

Check out these FABOOSH men and their identical outfits: Jacob van Loo's Portrait of a Gentleman (left) vs. Michiel Sweerts's Self-portrait (right).

They are SO soulmates. It’s our duty to write them and let them know about each other! 

YAY, we just LOVE playing matchmaker!!!

Double Take: Who Wore it Best?

Pope Innocent X and Cardinal Camillo Astalli Who Wore It Best

Red seems to be all the rage these days!

Artist Diego Velázquez painted Cardinal Camillo Astalli (left) AND Pope Innocent X (right) recently. Both subjects showed up wearing matching outfits and hats!! 

So, what do U guys think?

Who wore it best?!?