New York City Founds First College

columbia university

Mmm, MmmMm, MmmMmmm… nothing keeps us warm at night like some good ‘ol fashioned learning!

After getting super jeal that New Jersey founded its own college (Princeton University), New York decided they wanted one, too. King’s College is now the first institution of higher learning in all of New York.

Loves it!

The College of New Jersey AKA Princeton Founded

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Lordy, Lordy!!! Dirty Jersey actually WANTS to learn??? 

New Light Presbyterians have founded the institution in order to train ministers. Right now the place of higher learning is in Elizabeth, New Jersey, but we hear it will be moving to Princeton in the next decade.

We don’t know why any holy person would want to live in such a filth hole. This is probably the Devil’s doing!!!

You couldn’t pay us enough to go!!

The College of William & Mary Opens

william and mary

Move over, Harvard!!!!

The College of William & Mary, now the second institute of higher learning in America, has been founded in Virginia under a royal charter. Designed to provide education to civil servants and clergymen, the college has been named in honor of the reigning monarchs, King William III and Queen Mary II. James Blair has been named the first President.

If we want to bore ourselves to tears we’ll make sure to visit the campus!!!

Who wants to learn when you can take naps all day instead???

Harvard College Founded in New World


So FUNgasmic!! We’re already really smart, but can we go too?!?!

Now men in the New World have a place to go in Massachusetts if they want to formally learn. John Harvard donated his whole entire book collection and half of his fortune to the new college so the founders named it after him. 

We could donate our favorite feather quill if they want to name it after us instead. Hamilton College sounds sooooo much better!

Just a thought!