Gov. of Louisiana Arrives Late to War - Allies Get Crushed

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bienville louisiana
Omfg. Seriously?!?

Of all days to sleep in, he picks the day he’s going to attack the Indians?????

Louisiana Governor, Jean-Baptiste Bla Bla Longest Name Ever Le Moyne de Bienville, told the Governor of Illinois and all of his troops to meet up on March 25th to launch a coordinated attack against the forever-annoying Chickasaw IndiansBienville arrived late, so Illinois acted like 5 year olds with no patience and went ahead with the attack. Illinois was totally crushed.

Rooster alarm clock FAIL.

"Code Noir" is Enforced in Louisiana

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Sieur de Bienville

The “Black Code”? More like the “Go Eff Yourself Code”!!!!!

The Black Code of Louisiana has been put into place by dickhead territorial governor, Sieur de Bienville. The code consists of 54 articles that details a slave owner’s rights to control his slave’s religion, marriage, clothing, burial, punishment and much, MUCH more. It also orders Jews to be expelled from Louisiana.

Basically, all slaves and Jews are totally screwed. We only have two words for you, Sieur de Bienvielle:


France Founds the City of “New Orleans”

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new orleans

More like New BOREleans. HA.

New Orleans, named by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville after the Duke of the French city of Orléans, has been founded. Bienville founded the location for France because it was super easy access to the Mississippi River through Lake Pontchartrain and Bayou St. John.

Oh, that’s just perfect. Now the French have even a quicker route to kill Indians and piss off other American settlers!!!!