Martyr Mary Dyer Hanged in Boston

Mary Dyer Quaker hanged

Sooooooo lame!

To defy the anti-Quaker law in Massachusetts, Mary Dyer returned to Massachusetts where she was banned along with Anne Hutchinson 22 years earlier.  When she was caught for being a Quaker, and therefore breaking the law, she was given an ultimatum: repent and be banished again or don’t repent and be hanged. She chose the latter.

She is among three people hanged so far in Boston for being a Quaker. A fourth, William Leddra, is said to be next.

Mary’s body is buried in an unmarked grave.

Sad sad.

John Norton Writes First Biography in America

john cotton

Learning about other people’s lives… that sounds fun!

John Norton, a hardcore Puritan, has published the first biography in America based on the great Puritan leader John Cotton. Cotton is well-known for his religious influence in New England, turning his back on the banished and outspoken Anne Hutchinson, as well as his banishment of Roger Williams who was first to believe in separating Church and State.

REJOICE!!! There’s such a shortage of religious books and religious people, we were going crazy!! 

We can FINALLY stop reading cooking recipes in our spare time!!

A WOMAN Founds a Town in New World

elizabeth poole founds the town of Taunton

There are no words. 

Elizabeth Poole is now the first WOMAN to have founded a town in the New World. If you’re interested in wasting your time visiting the town, it’s called Taunton in Massachusetts. It’s rumored that she purchased the land from the Indians for some beans and a jackknife. 

We wonder how many of her townspeople they’ll stab with that jackknife? LOL.

First it was Anne Hutchinson and now Liz. Why do these women keep stepping out of their place in society??

Must be something in the New World water.

Massachusetts Makes Heresy Punishable by DEATH!!

church going to kill you all

Geez, someone’s cranky!!!

Getting fed up with all these R-Wills and Anne Hutchinson types, the Puritans in Massachusetts can now kill you if you don’t obey their orthodox ways.

Well that seems very Christian! If you don’t like ‘em, just kill ‘em! 

Problem solved!

John Eliot Tries to Convert Indians!!

John Eliot Converts Indians

Ummm, okay?????

John Eliot, a devout Puritan who supported the exile of Anne Hutchinson, is trying to teach the Algonquin Indians of Massachusetts his good Christian ways. John Idiot has started ministry to convert the murdering, heartless and sexy non-believers.

The Indians just ransacked Jamestown and now he wants to play nice?? They have murder running through their veins. That doesn’t just go away after Bible lessons!!!

C’mon, John!

Anne Hutchinson and Family Massacred by Indians

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Anne Hutchinson Family Massacre


The Indians rampaged the New Netherland colony where Anne recently moved and scalped her family. The only one spared was Anne's nine-year-old daughter who was taken captive because the Indians are stoopid enough to have believed that her red hair was a sign or something.

Not surprisingly, the news of her murder was pretty much a relief to Boston.

Reverend Mr. Weld wrote:

"The Lord heard our groans to heaven, and freed us from our great and sore affliction… God's hand is the more apparently seen herein, to pick out this woeful woman…”

We hope no one from Boston will be speaking at her funeral!! 

Violence is NEVER the answer.

Massachusetts Makes Slavery Legal

Slavery in America

Truly sickening.

Massachusetts is now the first colony to have passed a law making it legal to own slaves.

They are justifying it based on Biblical authority:

"Which the law of God, established in Israel concerning such people, doth morally require.”

Didn’t they JUST kick Anne Hutchinson out of Massachusetts because she wasn’t religious enough?? And now they think God wants them to OWN other humans?? 


And The Anne Hutchinson Trial Verdict is…

Anne Hutchinson Led From Boston

Guilty!! Shocker.

After realizing what a crazy nutbag Anne Hutchinson is, the Bay Colony of Massachusetts threw her out on the streets. She’s officially banished and is now heading to Providence to join the other crazy nutbag, R-Wills, who believes in “freedom of religion”.

Now they can be crazy together!


Anne Hutchinson Goes on Trial


Uh oh, someone’s been a bad girl!

A super preggers Anne Hutchinson has been put on trial for the charge of “traducing [speaking badly of] the ministers”. She’s been the talk of the town since she left her place in the kitchen to oppose strict religious orthodoxy in Massachusetts and the subordination of fellow women.

She stated during the trial:

"I feare none but the great Jehovah, and I doe verily beleeve that he will deliver me out of our hands, therefore take heed how you proceed against me; for I know that for this you goe about to doe to me, God will ruine you and your posterity, and this whole state.”

Wow, those are some BIG words for such a small woman!

What do U think about Anne Hutchinson's beliefs???