Taking Over 1 Colony at a Time, Bitchessss

Well, if this doesn’t excite you, check your pulse because you’re probably dead!!!

The first English colony has been established on Roanoke Island in the New World. The entire relocation was organized and FUNded by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Handsome and wealthy?? Is he single??? LOLz. Let us know when you guys have an island warming party, because we’ll be on the first boat there!!

Portrait Hall of…… WTF?!

hair family from munich

hair family from munich

hair family from munich

We hear these people actually existed, but we hope that’s not true!!!

These paintings were made of a hairy family from Munich. While the artist has not been verified, they were probably painted around the 1580s.

Germany, we don’t know what you’re putting in your water — but this much hair is just not okay!! Gurlfriend will never find a husband!

Well, unless he’s a dog. LOL!