Columbus Miscalculates Degrees of Longitude


Ummm, didn’t he bring a compass???

With the Spanish crown behind him, explorer Christopher Columbus set off for the East Indies trying to reach the spice trade in Asia before Spain’s rivals. But sources close to the Spanish Crown say he never made it. 

Sources say:

“He [Chris] tried to sail to the East Indies but ended up on some island called the Bahamas instead. After years of lobbying for permission and funding, he tarnished the Crown’s plans and reputation. Needless to say, the Crown is not happy. They are even considering dismissing him from his posts and having him arrested.”

We can’t say we blame them! Do U think Chris should be arrested for his actions??

John Cabot Claims New Land for England

john cabot

We bet John Cabot is having a good day!!! LOLz.

King Henry VII commissioned explorer John Cabot to sail across the ocean in search of new land to claim for England. What John found, no one could have expected. He discovered miles and miles of uninhabited land, which is probably part of Asia. No name has been given to it yet.

We are shocked. We didn’t even know there was more left to discover! Congrats, England!! You guys deserve it!

UPDATE: John Cabot tried returning to this newly discovered continent on a second voyage, but his ship never made it. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time. So sad.