HUH? Where Did the Roanokians Go????

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Truly horrible.

Recently John White, the governor of Roanoke, returned to the colony on Roanoke Island after fetching supplies in England only to find his family and over 100 others missing.

John says: 

“I thought I had gone mad. What once was a small village was now nothing. You would never have known there were ever planters [settlers] living there. The only trace of existence was the fort surrounding where the colony once stood and the word “Croatoan” was carved into a nearby tree.

I plan to round a search party for them. I believe they either deserted in search of food or were killed by the native savages. I fear the worst and I will not rest until their whereabouts are known.”

Wowsa. We were beginning to wonder if our island invitation got lost. 

What do U think happened to people of Roanoke??

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