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Imagine if Perez Hilton was around during the founding of America…

That’s us, bitches!!!!!!!

Perez Hamilton delivers the HOTTEST gossip from the New World, as it happens. We deliver ONLY the facts, even when the truth hurts. Our posts are always tagged with the year the news originated.

Who knew learning could be so fun?!!?!


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Perez Hamilton, you make the Internet great.

American History reported…style of Perez Hilton. I am obsessed.

I think I like this blog better than the actual Perez Hilton’s.

I love this blog so much. It’s so ridiculous. 

This just might be the greatest tumblr in existence.

If you guys aren’t following perezhamilton, do it now. U.S. history will seem 10x more interesting and 100x more hilarious.